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We equip manufacturers for the future by offering solutions that enable organisations to remain resilient in a rapidly changing world.

About FactoryXChange

We are FactoryXChange. A European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) created to accelerate digital transformation for enterprises across Ireland. We are a community made up of businesses, innovators, and industry experts from diverse backgrounds, all working together to drive digitisation and make advanced technologies accessible for manufacturing startups and SMEs.

We’re not just about using the latest tech, but about moving industries, schools and societies forward through technology. Reshaping and developing the way we work, think and tackle challenges.
Creating sustainable futures for businesses, communities, and our environments through innovative solutions. From harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and robotics to optimising cybersecurity and supply chain management – we’re a one-stop-shop for everyone’s digital needs. We’re not just tech advocates, we’re tech translators. We work hard to connect people to technology in ways that are accessible, actionable and that create real-world impact for good. We do this through services that facilitate and fund innovation, growth, and learning such as: 
  • Our online one-stop-shop for SMEs
  • Our expert Digital Strategist advisors and brokerage service
  • Our knowledge-sharing philosophy

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FXC Partners

FactoryxChange project team consists of 6 Irish partners equipped to provide access to a truly one-stop-shop experience to customers from every region of Ireland. 

FactoryxChange integrates the world-class technical competencies of the National Centre for high performance computing (ICHEC) and the National Centre for data analytics (INSIGHT) to realise a state-of-the-art offering, augmented by the services of three additional pioneering DIHs of pedigree - Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) and Technological University of Shannon (TUS) delivering advanced digital skills for SMEs/SUs and KPMG Future Analytics (KPMG FA) and Data Value Hub (DVH) in digital solutions and digital interoperability. 

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