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Sandeep Joshi

Lean and Digitalisation Advisor, TUS

  • Online

Service Description

Looking for expert guidance? Connect with a Certified FactoryXChange Digital Strategist for a 30-minute consultation. Our diverse team of specialists can help you: · Identify your digital challenges and goals across any industry or business size. · Explore relevant technologies and resources tailored to your unique needs. · Gain valuable insights and recommendations to move forward. Schedule your 100% discounted consultation now, and don't hesitate to secure further consultations when required! About Sandeep Joshi: Sandeep is a Data-driven Operations Excellence Consultant with over 21 years of experience across diverse sectors like Defense, Manufacturing, and Management Consulting. He leverages data analysis and visualisation to help organisations, particularly SMEs, implement lean process improvements leading to increased efficiency and profitability. Sandeep currently supports SMEs by identifying funding opportunities and managing projects throughout the EU. He also assists a large hospitality chain in enhancing customer focus through lean operations and digitalisation.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact your Service Provider directly 1 working day before the session.

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