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Rapid Digital Prototype Development Adv.

Accelerate you digital innovation with a rapid digital prototype development service

  • Price €30,000
  • Onsite & Online

Service Description

FXC Reference Number: TIMR58224 This service has been designed to enable customers to rapidly develop digital prototypes (proof-of-concepts) through leveraging IMR’s significant multi-disciplinary digital technical capability and prototype development capacity including: • PCB and sensor design, manufacturing and testing • Data visualisation and dashboards • Advanced communications • Data analytics and artificial intelligence • Additive manufacturing and design • Automation and robotics • Desktop and mobile applications • And more. This service is intended for customers whose projects involve a higher level of technical complexity and/or a more substantial scope of engagement than what the standard 'Rapid Digital Prototype Development' service on this platform can accommodate. What to expect: This service consists of 3 stages: • Stage 1: An initial online meeting with the IMR Director of Digitalisation or Senior Digitalisation Programme Manager to better understand your needs and connect you with the right digital technology team in IMR • Stage 2: A workshop with a focussed group of relevant digital technology experts from IMR to define the scope, timelines and outputs for the engagement • Stage 3: Employing an agile approach with regular updates, the IMR team will develop a digital prototype for you that meets your needs What you takeaway: - An accelerated digital prototype - Guidance and advice on your next steps This service is designed for: • All Enterprises (not just manufacturers) • All Public Organisations   Book complimentary services This service must be booked with: • Digital Maturity Assessment (Enterprise); or • Digital Maturity Assessment (Public Organisation).

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