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Product Innovation with AM

Discover how Additive Manufacturing (AM) can make sense for your product development

  • Price €6,000
  • Customer's Place

Service Description

FXC Reference Number: TIMR26236 About: This 1-day service offering is based on 6 years of Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) experience in providing Additive Manufacturing (AM) support to Irish industry. Time with our in-house expert will help you understand the benefits experienced by industry who have adopted this new technology and how you can advance. This service will see an IMR employee join your team for a day to review the potential opportunities AM can provide based on your unique circumstances. What to expect: This service will involve an IMR AM and 3D Printing Engineer coming onsite to identify potential opportunities for manufacturing your products though AM. They will carry out a review of your existing products, and a factory or manufacturing facility walk through with your team to help identify key opportunities to replace conventionally produced components or products with AM. Our engineer will review your supporting products, manufacturing jigs and fixtures and implementation of AM within your product development cycle. You will receive a breakdown of your potential opportunities for applying AM within your product portfolio and guidance on your next steps to implementation. What you takeaway: • An guided understanding of AM applications; • A summary of potential applications for your product; & • Guidance on your steps to AM implementation in your enterprise. This service is designed for: • Enterprise , specifically manufacturing and product development organisations Book complimentary services: This service must be booked with the Digital Maturity Assessment (Enterprise) service.

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