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Maximising the Benefit of Data Analytics

Advance business transformation through Data Analytics

  • €32,500*
  • Online & Onsite

Service Description

FXC Reference Number : DKPM20135 In today's advanced-manufacturing industry, efficient workflows and processes depend on accurate, timely and relevant information. In line with 'Green Digital' transition principles, KPMG FA will help your organisation structure and make sense of large amounts of complex quantitative and qualitative data. As a follow-up service to 'Introduction to Data Analytics', this service will involve collaboration with your organisation in determining a pathway for adoption of tailored data analytic components. The service will include a combination of the following: • one-on-one discussion (listening sessions) with the client to identify challenges and opportunities; • understanding of ongoing measurement, monitoring, evaluation, and advancement of data analytics in the organisation; • insight into innovation and business transformation by utilising data analytics; • brief overview of current implementation plan for data analytics; • discussions on next steps for the organisation in terms of data analytics This service focuses on understanding client’s infrastructure, capabilities in detail, and client’s intended trajectory in the analytics space. As part of this service, KPMG FA will conduct knowledge gathering sessions with the client to gain insight into client's current and desired capacity/capabilities. We will apply our top-notch expertise in Data Analytics and the information we gather from our listening sessions to create a customised guidance memo for your business providing you practical advice on how to improve your Data Analytics capabilities. How the service is delivered: Throughout this 10-day service offering, clients can avail of up to 2 days of direct interactions with KPMG-FA. These interactions would take the form of in-person or online engagement sessions, i.e. listening sessions and Q&A sessions (half/full day sessions as availability dictates). Upon completion of the sessions, we will reflect on the learnings to produce a bespoke memo for your business. Please note: duration & cost of the service listed above includes all engagement, preparatory effort, and delivery of the bespoke memo to assist your business progress in your Data Analytics journey. Must be booked after: • Digital Maturity Assessment (Enterprise or Public Organisation). * By booking the service you have agreed to the Terms of Use listed in Terms & Conditions.

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