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Maximising Benefit of Data Visualisation

Transforming Data to Actionable Visuals for Enhanced Insights

  • €36,000*
  • Onsite & Online

Service Description

FxC Reference Number : DKPM014785 About: In today's data-driven landscape, the ability to interpret and communicate insights effectively is crucial for informed decision-making. KPMG FA's Data Visualisation service is designed to assist your organisation in structuring and interpreting large amounts of complex quantitative and qualitative data through effective visual representation, utilising industry-standard design tools. This offering focuses on the strategic application of data visualisation techniques tailored to your business context. The service encompasses: (i) one-on-one discussion (listening sessions) with the client to identify challenges and opportunities; (ii) Interactive sessions to understand your organisation’s data landscape, challenges, and objectives; (iii) Guidance on selecting appropriate visualisation tools and techniques; (iv) Hands-on training to create compelling visualisations that drive actionable insights; (v) Strategies for incorporating data visualisation into your decision-making processes; and (vi) discussions on next steps for the organisation in terms of data visualisation Through this service, participants will learn to transform complex datasets into intuitive visuals that facilitate deeper understanding and faster decision-making. We will guide you in selecting the right visualisation techniques to represent your data effectively, whether it’s through charts, graphs, maps, or animated infographics. Over the course of this 10-day service offering, clients can avail of up to 2 days of direct interactions with KPMG-FA. These interactions would take the form of in-person or online knowledge gathering sessions, i.e. listening sessions and Q&A sessions (half or full day sessions as availability dictates). Upon completion of the sessions, we will reflect on the learnings to produce a bespoke memo for your business. What you takeaway: - Proficiency in creating impactful data visualisations to communicate insights effectively - Know-how in relation to applying Design Principles and Brand Consistency to Data Visualisation Outputs - Understanding of the strategic importance of data visualisation for driving business outcome - Bespoke Memo to assist your business progress in you Data Visualisation journey.

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