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Mallika Singh

EU Research and Strategy Manager, KPMG Future Analytics

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Service Description

Looking for expert guidance? Connect with a Certified FactoryXChange Digital Strategist for a 30-minute consultation. Our diverse team of specialists can help you: · Identify your digital challenges and goals across any industry or business size. · Explore relevant technologies and resources tailored to your unique needs. · Gain valuable insights and recommendations to move forward. Schedule your 100% discounted consultation now, and don't hesitate to secure further consultations when required! About Mallika Singh: Mallika Singh (B.A. (Hons); MSc.) is a EU Research and Strategy Manager at KPMG Future Analytics, Mallika has been extensively involved in strategic applied research and project management of several European Commission (EC) Horizon 2020 (H2020) and Horizon Europe Applied Research and Technological Development (RTD) Programme Projects. She is working on project management, coordination, qualitative research, stakeholder engagement, trials and testing, impact generation and maximisation; market validation, exploitation, commercialisation; and stakeholder and community engagement for European Commission funded projects - specifically in the domain of resource efficiency; smart cities (incorporating transportation, infrastructure, energy planning and monitoring and evaluation); security and standardisation; cybersecurity and business continuity; European digital innovation; transport and critical infrastructure resilience. She has also been successful in tendering and securing direct consultancy framework contracts for the European Commission in the field of energy, mobility and transport, also successfully delivered stakeholder consultation and networking, social impact assessment and qualitative research for national and private sector clients in Ireland. Before joining KPMG FA, Mallika worked in the research field on projects based on implementation of resource efficiency in SMEs in New Delhi, India; in business development for a large scale renewable power organisation, Suzlon Energy (specifically for Solar-Wind Hybrid Power plants); and gained professional exposure in other functions of operations and business management. Her collective experience in securing funding for Research and Innovation projects and working with various public and private clients, across Ireland, Europe and globally, allows her to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by businesses seeking to implement transformational solutions.

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