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Machine Tool Optimisation

Extend cutting tool life and reduce cycle times

  • €5000
  • On location

Service Description

Reference Number : TIMR97601 Identifying a CNC machines harmonic vibration through tap testing is a tried and tested technology predominantly used in the aerospace machining sector. IMR look to bring this technology to the Irish market for use and CNC machines across sectors. IMR’s cutting tool optimisation platform can identify and help eliminate unwanted vibrations within the cutting tool, tool holding system, work holding and machine platform to significantly improve cutting tool performance. It also has the capability to recommend best cutting tool feeds and speeds extending tool life and reduce machining times. Through “Tap Testing” it is also possible to compare machines side by side to identify performance issues such as poor machine anchoring What to expect: The service consists of four steps to help you increase your tool life, eliminate/ reduce vibration marks on your final product increasing your product quality. • The service engineer analyses your current process. • Tap testing equipment is applied to your current process identifying opportunities for improvements • A report is printed off with all considerations and recommendations, including all data collected from Tap Testing kit and Software. • The service engineer follows up with customer after new cutting data and recommendations are applied guaranteeing the customer satisfaction. This service is delivered on customer site as the Tap-Testing is a physical technique not allowing it to be delivered online. What you takeaway: • Increased tool life • Reduce cycle times • Machine to machine comparison • Machine/ process instability identification • Workholding stability testing • Cutting tool comparison This service is designed for: • Machine shops which utilises CNC Machines/ Manual Machines to manufacture Mad Tech components, tools, moulds, parts for machinery and equipment.

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