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Interaction & UI/UX Design Consultation

Glimpses of final UI with detailed visual design

  • €9,800*
  • Onsite & Online

Service Description

FXC Reference Number : TINS25497 In this consultation, your requirements will be captured through brainstorming meetings and visual mock-ups based on solid usability design principles will be sketched and refined by design expert(s) to ensure user-friendly, intuitive and easy-to-use front-end. What to expect: • If you are unsure what the best user-interface for your system could/should be, this service will help frame the front-end interactivity of your system, show evolving UI sketches in the form of high-fidelity mock-ups through which your requirements are reflected in the way you want. • The consultation will start with an initial meeting (online or face-to-face) where the requirements (overall idea, functionalities to be shown, what type/style/approach you want, and any other wishes for the design) are discussed; then initial low-fidelity mock-up will be designed by the consultant team offline, and a few subsequent meetings (depending on the situations) will commence to share the designs and get further input, iteratively refining the design. What you takeaway: • A realistic, high-fidelity, refined user-interface (with proper colour scheme, layout, icons and panels and an ideal sequence of interactivity) in the form of a video presentation. • A design rationale report that brings together the evidence/references used to derive various design decisions in the user-interface as well as suggestions for future improvement. • Insights and deeper understanding on how your proposed technical solutions should be framed and manifest to end-users in the most usable, intuitive and sensible way according to Human-Computer Interaction and usability point of view. • All media assets created during the consultation (mock-up files, Photoshop, PPTs, documents, etc.). This service is designed for: • Public and private sector organisations. Book complimentary services This service must be booked with: • Digital Maturity Assessment; or • Digital Maturity Assessment for Industry. * By booking the service you have agreed to the Terms of Use listed in Terms & Conditions.

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