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Innovation Spaces by KPMG

A place for – discovery, unlocking potential, innovation and collaboration

  • Price €3,000
  • KPMG Offices

Service Description

FXC Reference Number: BIMR92736 About: Our world is changing. Successful organisations are those who consistently demonstrate the innovation, agility, and speed which our new reality demands. Businesses across all sectors now need to transform at pace, building a future with digital at its heart. KPMG’s Innovation Space has been designed to help you do this. At KPMG’s Innovation Spaces (at Stokes Place), we bring together the best of our local and global people, insights, and technology capabilities to work with you on your specific issues and challenges. Facilitated by a dynamic, creative environment, powered by the latest collaboration and communications technologies, and enabled by our best people, using innovative methods we help to frame and solve problems fast achieving your goal in just weeks or even days. Whether participating in-person, online, or a hybrid model of both, we create an environment that works for your team and promotes powerful co-creation. What to expect: The service consists of three elements to help you host the most professional meeting to drive your collaborative innovation. • 1-to-1 initial event planning discussion (30-minute online session linked to this booking): To discuss your innovation space needs and available options to you (at Stokes Place) confirming main contacts and timelines. • 1 Innovation Space: After the discussion, the preferred innovation space at (Stokes Place) by KPMG will be available to you for up to 4 hours, for conferences, innovation retreats, and much more. The space comes with additional services including: reception seating and receptionist, light refreshments, full suite of hybrid conference facilities (Additional innovation space add-ons are available upon request and subject to additional charges paid directly to KPMG depending on what additional services you require e.g. facilitators, photographer, extra break room etc) • 1-to-1 event debrief discussion (30-minute online session): To help you with any further meeting room needs and gather your feedback to help us improve the innovation space service. What you takeaway: • You will experience the state-of-the-art innovation space facilities of your choosing offered by KPMG. Conference rooms have modern room technology such as Video Conferencing, Digital Whiteboards among many others, which are easy to use and support extensive client and stakeholder collaboration. This service is designed for: • Enterprise & Public Organisations.

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