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Industry Real Estate – Plan and Develop

Develop your planning and development strategy with 2-days of expert planning support

  • €15,000*
  • Onsite and Online

Service Description

FXC Reference Number: BKPM56327 The Chartered Regional and Urban Planning team within KPMG Future Analytics will work with the client organisation towards mapping out a planning and development strategy for industrial-, circular- or other property projects. What to expect: This service may include: • One-to-one discussion with the client to identify property requirements to accommodate future space for your growth ambitions (whether property or land, or both) • Consideration of the existing consenting context and identification of any interventions required to evolve the identified property (or land) for intended use • Positioning of intended project pursuit in context of relevant land use and policy landscape • Mapping key steps concerning engagement with key stakeholders including the Planning Authority • Developing tailored recommendations to optimise prospect of success. The client will have access to expert Data-led Planning Consultancy support for a maximum period of 2 days. While each scenario may differ, a first meeting / workshop (e.g. 90 mins) may be followed with 1 x full-time expert assigned to up to 2 days of reflection and outline strategy/advisory development. The end point will be a final workshop (e.g. 90 mins) where the insights will be presented to the client and discussed, before being shared as an Advisory Memo. What you takeaway: • Securing of expert advice and professional insight to give confidence in decision making on the land or property-related project This service is designed for: • Micro-industry • SMEs • Any client organisation seeking to navigate the planning and development sphere for property development or expansion relating to industrial-, circular- or other property projects. Person(s) delivering the service: • Alan Crawford, Maria Rochford, Francesca Rowson, Lawrence Bowles, Stephen Purcell This service must be booked after: • Digital Maturity Assessment; or • Digital Maturity Assessment for Industry. * By booking the service you have agreed to the Terms of Use listed in Terms & Conditions.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact your Service Provider directly 1 working day before the session.

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