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Dr. William Hynes

Managing Director, KPMG Future Analytics

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Service Description

Looking for expert guidance? Connect with a Certified FactoryXChange Digital Strategist for a 30-minute consultation. Our diverse team of specialists can help you: · Identify your digital challenges and goals across any industry or business size. · Explore relevant technologies and resources tailored to your unique needs. · Gain valuable insights and recommendations to move forward. Schedule your 100% discounted consultation now, and don't hesitate to secure further consultations when required! About William Hynes: Dr. William Hynes (BSc, MRUP, MSc, MSc (Econ), PhD, MRICS, MSCSI, MRTPI, MIPI, MCILT) is a Chartered Urban Planner, a Chartered Surveyor and Construction Economist who has extensive experience leading significant critical infrastructure planning and development projects and providing expert advice to public (including the European Commission) and private sector clients in strategic spatial planning, economic and business case analysis, housing analysis and strategies, socio-economic, demography analysis and population projection, healthcare analysis and requirements, and smart cities incorporating urban, transportation, infrastructure and energy planning, citizen engagement, and monitoring and evaluation. Since 2011, William has been successful in winning and coordinating 20 European Commission (EC) Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), Horizon 2020 (H2020) and Horizon Europe Applied Research and Technological Development (RTD) Programme Projects. These awarded projects have secured over €90m EC funding, and this has resulted in William being twice awarded as ‘Irish Champion of EU Research and Development’ by the Irish President and Enterprise Ireland. William has undertaken numerous Housing Strategies and Housing Needs Demand Assessments for many Irish Local Authorities and within KPMG FA, has developed an evidence-based approach to housing assessment and analysis. In addition, William has prepared and delivered many Business Case Reports in the sectors of housing, education, urban regeneration and enterprise. In addition, William is a visiting Professor in the College of Business and Law at UCC, and a visiting lecturer at UCD and TUD, also in the School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Policy, UCD.

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