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Digital Transformation Advisory Services

Accelerate innovation and success through deeper understanding of digital transformation

  • €7,650*
  • Online

Service Description

FXC Reference Number: BKPM44945 About: Today’s innovative businesses rely on effective digitalisation. To assist you on this journey, KPMG FA will help you to develop an in-depth understanding of the digital transformation process, its various components, and its potential benefit to your business. What to expect: Book your online session today to meet the Future Analytics team at KPMG. Gain uniquely curated insight into what digital transformation is in the everyday business world and why it is important in the ever-evolving industry landscape. Key topics will include the following: • Understanding the Digital Transformation Landscape; • Essential Components of Digital Transformation; • Types of Digital Transformation; & • Importance of Digital Transformation Framework and its implementation What you takeaway: • Overview, relevance and importance of digital transformation; & • Rethinking ways of doing business with digital transformation. This service is designed for: • Enterprise (Micro, Small and Medium-sized) Book complimentary services This service must be booked with: • Digital Maturity Assessment (Enterprise); or • Digital Maturity Assessment (Public Organisation). * By booking the service you have agreed to the Terms of Use listed in Terms & Conditions.

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