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Digital Maturity Assessment

Benchmark your digital transformation and access services FxC Reference Number: BICH61922

  • Price €1,000*
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Service Description

Our Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) is a diagnostic tool to help identify areas of improvement for your business. It analyses your organisation’s digital readiness and pinpoints where technology can level up your processes. Through a series of questions, we can help you identify tech gaps, benchmark against peers and connect you with the tools and training to elevate your digital know-how and equip your business for the demands of tomorrow. This service is the first step on your journey with FXC enabling you to measure the current level of digitalisation within your Enterprise or Public Organisation. The DMA will provide you with a clear and structured digital transformation pathway whilst opening up your access to the full range of FXC services. The goal of the DMA is to provide insight in relation to how effective you are at leveraging digital technologies to achieve your strategic goals while staying competitive in the digital age. What to Expect: ● The DMA is a structured evaluation process (up to 1 hour) for your Enterprise (or Public Organisation) with your preferred Digital Strategist. ● Completion of the DMA will help you assess your current capabilities, identify strengths and weaknesses in your operations, and help you create a Digital Roadmap. This roadmap will help you identify the appropriate FxC services for your Enterprise (or Public Organisation) from the expensive FXC marketplace. ● The DMA will calculate your Digital Maturity Score from questions related to the following 6 dimensions: Enterprise Dimensions: 1. Digital Business Strategy; 2. Digital Readiness; 3. Human-centric Digitalisation; 4. Data Management; 5. Automation & Artificial Intelligence; & 6. Green Digitalisation. Public Organisation Dimensions: 1. Digital Strategy & Investments; 2. Digital Readiness; 3. Human-centric Digitalisation; 4. Data Management and Security; 5. Interoperability; & 6. Green Digitalisation. What you takeaway: ● A Digital Maturity Scorecard from your Digital Strategist to inform your Digital Roadmap and help you benchmark yourself against similar organisations across Europe. ● Insights with further explanations on how to interpret the given figures, evaluate your own digital maturity, understanding how you compare to your peers in Ireland and abroad. Please note: The DMA is a crucial component of the process and is mandatory before and after any substantial service with FXC.

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