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Dean Mcloughlin

Manager of Creative Design, KPMG Future Analytics

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Service Description

Looking for expert guidance? Connect with a Certified FactoryXChange Digital Strategist for a 30-minute consultation. Our diverse team of specialists can help you: · Identify your digital challenges and goals across any industry or business size. · Explore relevant technologies and resources tailored to your unique needs. · Gain valuable insights and recommendations to move forward. Schedule your 100% discounted consultation now, and don't hesitate to secure further consultations when required! About Dean McLoughlin: Dean McLoughlin is a Manager (visual communications) at KPMG Future Analytics. He brings a wealth of experience as a Creative, proficient in various mediums including multimedia, marketing, print, branding, packaging, events, and digital design solutions. As lead creative, Dean and his team collaborate seamlessly to deliver outstanding visual solutions that exceed client expectations. Since joining the team in 2017, Dean has undertaking a myriad of design projects, from annual publications to video animations, showcasing an ability to translate complex client requirements into captivating visual solutions. Collaborating with organisations such as the Waterways Ireland (WI) and the Land Development Agency (LDA), Dean ensures that each project reflects a blend of creativity and strategic vision.

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