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Cyber-Security Assessment (IT)

Initial IT Security Analysis for SMEs

  • €2,500
  • Onsite & Online

Service Description

FXC Reference Number: DTUS92787 Delivered in collaboration with experts from the IDEAM Research Institute at the Technological University of the Shannon (TUS), the assessment will apply a standard methodology for a Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment for Small and Medium Enterprises, in order to benchmark your Company’s policies and processes and establish your IT Security Position. The goal of the service is to complete a structured review of your IT Security posture to provide you with a statement of the status of your organisation’s cybersecurity strength and how well it can predict, prevent, and respond to cyber threats and cyber events. The service will include the following steps: - 1. A coaching exercise to discuss cyber-security threats and prevalent approaches, including and online webinar with the relevant people from your organisation. 2. An individual questionnaire relating to your IT systems and cyber security processes to register on the Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment platform. 3. A desk review of your documented cybersecurity policies and processes. 4. A 90 minute risk assessment workshop work with your key people to assess the cybersecurity risks that your organisation faces. 5. Coaching through a risk analysis showing the major cyber risks that your organisation faces. 6. A report on IT Security Maturity Level, gap analysis and recommendations Book now for an initial consultation with a Digital Strategist at TUS to start the service

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