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Adopting ESG Strategy to Boost Business

Elevate your organisation's sustainability profile and leverage operational excellence

  • €10,000
  • Onsite & Online

Service Description

FXC Reference Number: BKPM72739 About: Building on KPMG FA’s service, Introduction to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), this service will primarily focus on collaboration with the client organisation in determining a pathway for adopting tailored, operationally viable, and synergy focused ESG Strategy. In the rapidly evolving national and global landscape, the integration of sustainability-related business strategies and operations is now considered a key performance indicator for successful growth and exponential returns. In addition, tackling sustainability practices through operational improvement and excellence is an effective complement to capital-intensive approaches. What to expect: The core aim of this service would be to collectively determine a course of action to turn ESG theory into practice for the benefit of client businesses. This will include one-on-one engagement (over a course of up to 2 days) between KPMG’s cross-functional and multi-disciplinary expert team and the client to: • understand the client’s organisation, its processes and business model • identify opportunities and constrains from a market, regulatory, and/or operational perspective in relation to the implementation of a sustainability and ESG action plan • undertake a high-level analysis and examination of best practice implementation models for the client • determine best practice recommendations and specific directives for operational model for improvement What you takeaway: • How to profile an organisation from an ESG-perspective • Conducting ESG Strengths, Constraints, Opportunities and Threats (SCOT) Analysis. • Identification of any relevant ESG disclosure and reporting requirements. • How to develop a tailored ESG framework and implementation strategy This service is designed for: • Micro-industry • SMEs Book complimentary services This service must be booked with: • Digital Maturity Assessment (Enterprise); or • Digital Maturity Assessment (Public Organisation).

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