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Enterprise Europe Network Energy (EENergy)

Application Deadline:
15 May 2024

Catalysing SME Energy Efficiency Across Europe with Grants, Guidance, and Growth Opportunities

Grant Description: 

The Enterprise Europe Network Energy (EENergy) open call presents a valuable opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to enhance their energy efficiency.  


The EU-funded program will support at least 1800 European SMEs in developing Action Plans for improving their energy efficiency and will include an EENergy Grant of up to €10,000 for at least 900 SMEs.  


If you get the grant you must achieve a 5% reduction in energy consumption and it can be spent on:  

  • Investment (e.g. solar panels); 

  • Consultancy (e.g. expert advice), and/or  

  • Skills & Training (e.g. qualifications for staff) 


Grant Application Process:   

  1. Express Interest and Register: Email your company details to the EENergy advisor in Ireland - Miriam Tuomey at . Upon receipt of this information, a profile will be created for your company on the EEN dashboard and you will receive an automatic email notification to proceed with the application process.

  2. Consult the EEN Sustainability Advisor: The EENergy advisor will support you in designing a customised Energy Efficiency Action Plan and submitting your application to the EENergy open call. The deadline to meet your Advisor is  May 08, 2024. As part of the application process, you will  be required to undergo a sustainability assessment that will be conducted remotely online.

  3. Submit your EENergy Grant Application: SMEs will finalize and submit their grant applications through the EEN portal by May 15, 2024. All applications will undergo evaluation, with results communicated to applicants by June 21, 2024. Successful applicants can commence their Energy Efficiency projects by mid-July 2024.


Who is the grant designed for:  

SMEs across Europe seeking to enhance their energy efficiency practices, irrespective of financial constraints, sector, or geographical location. 

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