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COROB Open Call

Application Deadline:
8 Jul 2024

Cooperative Robotics Powered by AI and DATA for Flexible Production Cells

Open Call Description: 

COROB, Cooperative Robotics Powered by AI and DATA for Flexible Production Cells, aims to revolutionise arc welding-based manufacturing by developing a flexible, intelligent multi-robotic solution. This innovative system enhances operational capabilities for both joining and additive manufacturing processes, boosting efficiency and flexibility.

COROB, conceived as a global solution, will employ a cooperative multi-robot system powered by Inspection, Monitoring, Control and AI techniques to optimize the welding process, and the adjacent manufacturing stages for time, cost, energy, and resource reduction. The data generated will be processed in a data acquisition platform to feed the AI technologies, addressing optimisation, search, planning, and analysis, ensuring AI robustness and trustworthiness.


The purpose of the Open Call is to integrate and test innovative solutions within the COROB project’s framework. This initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of arc welding-based manufacturing processes by employing a cooperative multi-robot system powered by Inspection, Monitoring, Control, and AI techniques. 

Application Process:

COROB aims to fund up to EUR 2,000,000 and to select up to 15 external solutions eligible for funding. 

COROB has defined 2 different Funding Instruments which will be launched in the same Open Call procedure:

  • 1st Funding Instrument:

    “Solutions to challenges” to fund up to 10 technology providers aimed to develop technical solutions covering the use cases challenges, to be further integrated and validated in the project use-cases

  • 2nd Funding Instrument:

    “Experiments for Enabling technologies for digital services” to fund up to 5 technology providers aimed to develop digital services answering to the challenges and applicable in the use case areas and interoperable with the data acquisition platform of COROB.

Submit your proposal through the COROB Open Call microsite before 8 July 2024 at 17:00 Brussels Time. Please find details here on the Open Call requirements, the application, and the selection process. 

Who is the Open Call designed for:  

Offering funding opportunities of up to €150,000 or €100,000 (depending on the funding instrument) for SMEs and Startups participating in the project.

Please refer to the COROB Open Call’s platform for more information. Visit COROB Discord Channel to receive support from the team.

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